Building transformational businesses for a sustainable future

The imperative to find sustainable solutions to the challenges presented by global warming, desertification and population growth provides manifest opportunities for those equipped to act quickly and decisively to make a real and lasting difference.

Our approach

Here on the Cornish coast we are growing an exciting new marine industry. With the support of local communities, we are establishing a sustainable seaweed farm to support local businesses in the South West. The concept has been developed to increase the sustainability of aquaculture farming by blending multiple crops that produce throughout the year whilst supporting local eco systems and developing local businesses. Our farm relies on sunlight and sea water. No land, no fertilisers, no fresh water and no heavy machinery; making it a model for the future.
We actively seek to enable and promote the multiplier effect resulting from networks of knowledgeable and passionate people operating efficiently and collaborating effectively across all our activities. Get in touch if you want to be involved as a researcher, a business, an investor or just interested to be part of this journey.

Direct initiatives

We engage directly where we can develop core capabilities and create value:
Promote aquaculture
Support coastal communities
Enable research
Gather data
Develop businesses

Investment opportunities

We assist with the timely provision of capital, advice and support to high businesses where our analysis shows:
Research and development funding
IMTA operations
Local Businesses and partnerships